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Why you should always have in your car a tire inflator and a jump starter

Inflating your car before any journey protects you from having an accident and helps magnify your gas mileage. You should always keep a jump starter in your car while travelling as it boosts your car battery and keeps your engine running for a particular period of time. Following a few simple steps you will get to know why you should always have in your car a tire inflator and a jump starter?

Using a tire inflator:

• In search of air: A portable tire inflator can provide air to your car’s tires and it’s available with any shop that is selling car pressure gauges.

• Valve cap shall be removed: Use the same valve cap with which you checked the pressure of your car tires.

• Compressor shall be switched on: If it’s a home compressor then you only plug in your machine with quarters and if it’s a service station compressor then just by broadcasting noise.

• The hose nozzle shall be squarely placed onto the valve stem: You need to supply your full body force per unit on the valve trigger. It will broadcast the sounds, and then you need to press it down more strongly until the sound stops.

• The cap shall be replaced: You shall remove the cap when a single tire has been inflated with a tire inflator. You repeat the steps for all your tires as well as for the spare.

Using a jump starter:

• Before using a jump starter glance through your car’s manual: Before jump starting your car read your car’s manual as it has listings on any such abnormality that you may face while using a jump starter. You should ensure that your car actually needs a jump start. You should keep in check several things before using a jump starter.

• Place two cars beside each other:

One car should have a charged battery, and the other one is yours with a dead battery. Ensure that the two cars must never touch each other. Indirectly you are placing the two batteries close to each other.

• Park both the cars to place them close to each other. Then switch off the engines of both the cars and the keys shall be withdrawn as well. Before opening the hood of your car employ the emergency brakes.

• Adhere a positive jumper cable clamp to the positive terminal of your car with an energized battery.

• Now you need to attach the other red handled clamp to the positive terminal of the car with the dead battery and needs a jump starter.

• Connect the black or negative cable to the negative battery terminal of the car with a dead battery

Connect the black or negative cable of the car with a dead battery with the car that has a charged battery very carefully and with safety, so as not to emit any spark.

• Insert the keys of the charged car and resume its engine.

• The engine of the car with a charged up battery shall be hastened with a medium speed by someone else. By the time you should try to restart your car which has a dead battery.

• The clamps shall be discarded in reversal once your dead car starts operating.

If you follow these guidelines you will understand why you should always have in your car a tire inflator and a jump starter.

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